Marc Fischer

In search of something new, this social media project started in NRW's state capital, my hometown Duesseldorf, and has already awarded internationally several times.

My Story

Just my bike, my camera and me. Always on the lookout for something that no one before me has ever seen in that way. In search of myself, a new perspective, a new way of looking at the world that surrounds us every day. With a focus on architecture, which for most people is so commonplace that it is hardly noticed, even more so, even perceived as ugly.
With every picture, every new city, more light and colour came into my life.
Thanks to social media my pictures spread all over the world and showed how varied, colourful and artistic NRW's architecture is. How colourful our world can be, if you just take the right angle.

This gallery is a collection of my first stations. It is only the beginning of my journey.  


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